'Doubt of the Benefit' has just been released. His first book, 'The Fifth Identity', a mystery thriller, was published by Amazon as an e-book in 2012. The second book, 'Cut to the Chase', a thriller, was published in 2014 and was published as a paperback by Sid Harta Publishers of Melbourne and distributed through Dennis Jones & Associates of Bayswater.



Harry Wallace is asked by the Australian Intelligence Service to collect and deliver a small package during a business trip to Indonesia. This simple task becomes a nightmare when he unwittingly becomes a target of the security police and narrowly avoids arrest.

He needs all his wits to deliver the package to the Australian Embassy and does so successfully. Harry returns to Australia, but the Jakarta episode comes back to haunt him when he later travels to England. An Indonesian national is found murdered in London and Harry is framed with his death. What connects this event to Harry’s earlier visit to Indonesia?

Desperate to prove his innocence pursued by the police and a menacing emigre organisation, Harry embarks on a dangerous journey.


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“WOW! A brilliant story from a relatively new writer. A good understanding of all the characters and the setting is quickly established. From there the devious plot begins in earnest and the pace and twists continue to build in a cut-throat chase through the canals of England.
Totally believable characters and a well fleshed out impression of the canals, countryside, London and towns of the Midlands.

Renewal of a long lost romance for the hero and a rather unique twist at the end which I won’t reveal for the benefit of other readers. I found Cut to the Chase to be an exciting read and difficult to put down.

Congratulations to Ray Scott.

Tony Bennett.

“My husband grabbed your book when I got home and not long into it he said: “This is a good book.” He is still by the fire reading it.

Yvonne Wood

“I have just finished reading ‘Cut to the Chase’, which I loved. Some comments on what I liked: the movement of the language which actually enacts what is happening with Harry in England – the chase! And the tension all the way throughout – even to the point of the presence of Rivera at the end!
There are two elements a good book must offer the reader: first, tension so that you always want to keep reading, and second, a character or characters whom the reader really cares about. ‘Cut to the Chase’ gives the reader both of these. I also liked the clarity of the writing and the overall structure The reader is desperate to find out who the baddie is.

Margaret Peoples.

“Your book took me quite a long time to read as it’s not only a good read but a long one.I was very impressed by your prose, also your knowledge of Stourbridge and other Midland towns and of the routes and workings of the local railways and canals. You kept up the pace and the tension when the chase was in progress, and there was never a dull moment.

Brenda Wade.

Having read the short story entitled ‘The Mattress’ and the paperback novel ‘Cut to the Chase’, both by Ray Scott, I am impressed with the excellence of the easy flowing standard of English being used by the author. I am even more impressed by Ray Scott’s empathetic skills demonstrated by his ability to write in the first person, as illustrated in “The Mattress”, and the third person as demonstrated in ‘Cut to the Chase’.

All the signs for this author are positive and I look forward to reading his future books.

David Blackford.

An exciting Spy Thriller that I enjoyed reading and didn’t want to end. Ray Scott has developed a plausible story with believable characters and a most interesting assemblage of locations where the action is played out. His knowledge of the London and Birmingham areas in England, where most of the action is, is most impressive. Also, his comparisons of Aussie and British characteristics and common language usage differences adds to the interest and excitement of the story.
The story starts at a leisurely pace, which allows us to absorb the story line, and the thrills come thick and fast once the action heats up. Harry has some quick thinking to do, and evasive action to take as the plot moves along. A most enjoyable read, I look forward to Ray Scott’s next offering.

Tony Jessop.

I found the story to be very good; and the means of escape by canal! Really original. The way Ray Scott mentions geographical places means he’s actually been there – this first attracted me to Frederick Forsyth’s books making for real authenticity – it was in his parish after all.
I found the hero completely believable; no Indiana Jones here! Just an ordinary businessman, he was a slightly flawed hero, while Fred the bargee would have to be everybody’s favourite, he certainly was mine.
Keep on with the good work.

Geoffrey Beech.

Just a quick note to thank you for a most enjoyable read. I was on holiday recently and took your book to read by the pool. I found it very entertaining, intriguing and in parts amusing.

So thank you again,


Ray Scott