'Doubt of the Benefit' has just been released. His first book, 'The Fifth Identity', a mystery thriller, was published by Amazon as an e-book in 2012. The second book, 'Cut to the Chase', a thriller, was published in 2014 and was published as a paperback by Sid Harta Publishers of Melbourne and distributed through Dennis Jones & Associates of Bayswater.



Stan Simolka, an immigrant to Australia of mixed Polish-Scottish parentage, is a life assurance representative who covers an area of country Victoria. During an upcountry sales trip, he is stalked by a car containing four men who fire shots at him when he pauses at a lay by on a country highway. He runs for his life, abandons his car and runs through the countryside, under fire from his pursuers.

After evading the gunmen, he reports the incident to the police,who at first do not believe his story. Subsequently he is again stalked in similar fashion through suburban Melbourne streets, but does not understand why his life is under threat. Finally, he decides to go feral and disappear, to conduct undercover enquiries to ascertain why he is being hunted.

He eventually discovers the reason why they are trying to kill him, which results in an eventful pursuit by gunmen through country New South Wales and Victoria, with an exciting finale in the Wimmera before the mystery is resolved.

This book has now been released on Amazon.com as an e-book. Key in Amazon.com and type “The Wimmera Shoot” into the query box and the cover picture will come up. Press “Kindle Edition” and move to the right of screen where purchase can be made.

To purchase the e-book version of “The Wimmera Shoot” key in Amazon.com. In the query box insert “The Wimmera Shoot” and the book cover should show up. Then press Kindle Edition and then purchase can be effected from the next screen that shows up.

This book, having been independently reviewed for content and production quality, has been honoured with the PiPS Verified Book Quality Award. Professional Independent Publishing Standards (pipsverified.com) is pleased to confirm that this book meets all the requirements that readers seek of a professional quality book.


Ray Scott