'Doubt of the Benefit' has just been released. His first book, 'The Fifth Identity', a mystery thriller, was published by Amazon as an e-book in 2012. The second book, 'Cut to the Chase', a thriller, was published in 2014 and was published as a paperback by Sid Harta Publishers of Melbourne and distributed through Dennis Jones & Associates of Bayswater.



Two golfers playing a round are targeted by a sniper. Investigation indicates the shots emanated from a knot of trees alongside one of the fairways. A few days later one of the players, Philip Meredith, is nearly run down in the street, a week after that, he is again shot at whilst on a sales trip in a country area of Victoria. Being an upright citizen with, he believes, no enemies, he is mystified by these attacks. During one of them, he hears one of his given names uttered by one of his attackers, which confirms he is definitely their chosen target, but why?

Then he receives a message from a stranger who says he has the answers, but during their meeting it is clear they are both at risk. This results in an exciting chase as they are pursued through country Victoria to Melbourne by an organisation determined to kill them both. Meredith has to reach London, alive, before everything can be resolved.

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“Line of Dissent” is another good thriller from Ray Scott with a strong plot and absorbing story.

What impressed me most was the realism shown in describing the shooting attacks and the bushcraft involved in both bush and forests when escaping from the unexpected attacks. Sometimes it was too realistic and I felt threatened even though I was only reading the book.

During the story the author has to explain the steps taken to unravel a complex family tree. This is done with great expertise and can be followed in detail – not an easy thing to do!

A most enjoyable mystery thriller to read. I also liked the pun in the title.

Tony Jessop

“Line of Dissent” is a really good read, it is very exciting and at the end of each chapter it leaves you wondering what is going to happen next.

It starts off with two guys playing a friendly round of golf being shot at and then a few days later one of them is nearly run down by a car, followed by someone taking another shot at him.

He is a normal sort of guy with no enemies and has no idea why this should be happening to him.

There is an answer to this mystery but it takes right to the end of the book to find out.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller.

Diana Revitt

So exciting to open, your latest novel “Line of Dissent”. Your mysteries always have twists and turns, and when they are set in an area or setting that you are familiar with, it adds to this excitement.

Not an easy book to put down as it draws you in.

I hope there is another book in the works. Great reading

Kris C.

Ray Scott