'Doubt of the Benefit' has just been released. His first book, 'The Fifth Identity', a mystery thriller, was published by Amazon as an e-book in 2012. The second book, 'Cut to the Chase', a thriller, was published in 2014 and was published as a paperback by Sid Harta Publishers of Melbourne and distributed through Dennis Jones & Associates of Bayswater.



Dissidents, who are planning a coup d’état in a Pacific island nation, mistake a visiting Australian businessman for a fellow conspirator from overseas. The coup plans are discussed and revealed to him during a meeting without them realising he is not who they think he is. When they do discover his real identity he is already boarding a flight back to Australia.

He has to be silenced before he passes on this information to the authorities, he is kidnapped and incarcerated in a house in a remote country area, the intention being to keep him incommunicado until the coup has taken place, but he manages to escape and there is an exciting chase through country Victoria where he keeps one jump ahead of his pursuers. Despite having no money and no means of transport he has to reach ASIO in Canberra to forestall the coup before the plotters can catch up with him and silence him.

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“Double Dutch” is an excellent thriller — very fast-paced, with plenty of twists and turns. In the mode of Desmond Bagley, Alastair Maclean and Dick Francis, for readers who prefer their protagonists resourceful and enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Luke Harris,

Author of “Goldenscale”

A thriller from Ray Scott which starts slowly and builds to a rip-roaring climax. Initially we need to know something about the Island State of Tarranga as background to the tale and how our “Hero” Douglas van Ekeren becomes embroiled in the story.

Douglas is a person more like an ordinary Australian than a James Bond type. We can empathise with him as his situation becomes more and more untenable and he hasn’t a clue how to deal with it. We can ask ourselves how we would have dealt with such things and the answer would probably be “I haven’t a clue either”!

Throughout the story Douglas continues to jump from out of the frying pan and into the fire. The twists and turns continue to the last page and Douglas becomes more and more bewildered.

An engrossing Read, thrilling to the last and a book to recommend to your friends.

Tony Jessop

Ray Scott